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Week 7: Wednesday, September 12 – Greenville, OH to Columbus, OH: 100 Miles

Leaving Cincinnati was hard today because that meant leaving the homestay family and all the kindness they showed us. But, excited about our upcoming event in Columbus, we head over to Greenville to start our cycling day.

Before starting the cycling, Ali and Kristian give a call to Bobbi Deporter the President of SuperCamp, our sponsor and co-creator of our highly effective presentations. After giving Bobbi a brief update on the success of the tour, and coming up with strategies to advance the tour, Ali and Kristian get out on the road, and begin the 100 mile day.

Eventually arriving in Northern Columbus (Dublin), Ali and Kristian have dinner at an all-you-can-eat buffet, The Golden Corral.

After dinner, they head to their couchsurfing.com contact, Mike, a student at U of Ohio.
Mike suggests Kristian and Ali join him at the local outdoor roller hockey rink for a game of bike polo. Someone had created mallets out of old ski poles and PVC pipe, and most of the bikes are fixed track, singe speed.

Ali, takes to this game as if he were a natural. His love for cycling, previous experience as a hockey goalie for 6 years combined with his heritage, the Afghan national sport of Buzkashi
(you gotta see this link) allow him to be one of the most dominating forces on the rink.

Having great fun playing 3 on 3 for a couple of hours with multiple substitutions, we decide our shins have had enough and head back to Mike's, our homestay, for another great night's sleep.


Week 7: Tuesday, September 11 – Cincinnati, OH – Event

Waking up this morning, Ali and Kristian awake and begin working on getting logistics in order. By the end of the day, they have finished working on the blog, cleaning out the car, sending out mail, organizing places to stay, setting up media in future cities, and working through other logistical things that take a tour like this to happen.

At the end of the day, Kristian is really excited to see a movie, and drives to find a movie theater that his homestay "mom", Joanna, is going to. Unfortunately, he gets lost, but finds a support rally in memory of 9/11 and a city council re-election benefit. After trying to find directions back to his "home" in Cincinnati, he leaves and drives back, eventually finding Ali and Emilia (homestay sister). All three eventually decide to go to a movie, this time with a local who knows the streets of this city of 7 hills.


Week 7: Monday, September 10 – Cincinnati, OH – Event

Waking up, Kristian is directed to the local mechanic by Emilia to find out what is really wrong with the car. To date, different mechanics say that the water pump needs replacing, the gas tank leaks, and the muffler, tail and exhaust pipes needs replacing. The latest Cincinnati analysis is that the oxygen sensor, distributor and throttle housing need replacing. If there is one thing that Caspar (our 1990 Honda Civic DX support vehicle) does need beyond all of those things, it is our prayers for a safe arrival in New York City!

After spending most of the day working on administrative things, Ali, Kristian and Emilia (our homestay friend from www.couchsurfing.com) go to the "inner city" area of Cincinnati called Over the Rhine. We get out of the car just in time to greet all the kids coming out the building because of someone accidentally pulled the fire-alarm. After hanging with the firemen, the building is safe to enter.

After we set up for the talk, Ali and Kristian feel it is one of the best we've given. However, near the end, we pick up the pace. We're presenting right in front of the 60" television and the Cincinnati Bengals are playing for their first game of the year. Wrapping up, the kids are really appreciative and while saying good-bye, Emilia gets information to work as a tutor for some of the kids.

Afterward Emilia takes Ali and Kristian on a tour of the City. Apparently, there is more history to Cincinnati than Jerry Springer being the former mayor, and the hit TV show which ran from 1978-82 "WKPR" in Cincinnati (which in fact never existed in Cincinnati).

Driving through the city we passed the stadium where the Cincinnati Bengals were playing that night. We slowed down and asked some scalpers how much tickets were. One said, a buck a piece. Kristian, getting very excited that perhaps was today he would see the ending of his first Live NFL game, asked if the tickets were really only one dollar each. The independent ticket contractor was less than amused to the seriousness of the inquiry, and walked off.

Afterward, we drove across the bridge to Kentucky and eventually made our way home. Catching a movie at a local independent cinema, "Becoming Jane". A partially fictional depiction of Jane Austen's early years. In melancholic reverie from the movie, Ali and Kristian returned home to a nice visit with the home-stay family before retiring for the evening.

Week 6: Sunday, September 9 – Tipton, IN to Greenville, OH: 84 Miles (Drive Greenville, OH to Cincinnati, OH: 98 Miles)

Waking up this morning is slow. The Annual Tipton, Indiana Hog Festival attracted some rowdy guests to the Flamingo Motel last night. It took a while to fall asleep the night before.

Kristian and Ali mobilizing in the morning is a process unto itself. Kristian usually wakes up first, meditates, journals, and intentions his day. Ali, by this time, has started using the restroom and showering. Kristian, meanwhile, packs up his sheet, sleeping bag and 7 pound buckwheat pillow that he unpacks every evening and packs every morning. By the time Ali has finished showering, Kristian, who has by this time packed a lot of his stuff, including meditation backrest, meditation blanket, incense and holder, journal, pens, clothes, etc... goes to take a shower while Ali gets his stuff together. After Kristian showers, shaves, and puts on the bike costume, Ali has packed his stuff in the support vehicle (Casper), and is doing something with the bikes or checking something on the internet. Kristian then finishes packing his stuff into the support vehicle, and wants to check the internet as well. All and all, Kristian and Ali average 2-3 hour mobilization time in the morning. This being their second time traveling across North America as part of a national cycling tour, morning mobilization has become a finely honed art.

Unfortunately this morning, we can't seem to get the computer working. Thinking it might just be the vibes from the motel, we pack it up and decide to try it later that evening.

Leaving the Flamingo Motel, Ali cycles first. We trade back and forth all the way to Greenville, OH. After cycling a brief 84 Mile day, Ali and Kristian begin the 98 mile drive south to Cincinnati, OH. When the begin driving, for some reason, the orange "Motor/Engine" light shows up in the car. Kristian and Ali do not worry about it too much, the only thing they notice with the car is that the "timing" feels off.

Driving into Cincinnati is a little confusing. Kristian and Ali did not know this, but Cincinnati is compared to the Rome as a city with 7 hills, because it is such a hilly city. Arriving into Cincinnati, they are met very kindly by the family Kristian and Ali are staying with whom they met on couchsurfing.com. Joanna and Thomas, are the mom and stepdad of Emilia (the primary couchsurfing contact) and Joel. Probably, the most eager to meet us is Inspector Poirot, the family Jack Russell.

After saying hello, Joanna cooks a great pasta meal with pesto (with basil grown in the backyard). Sitting around chatting, they lose track of time, and eventually load all the gear into the house getting ready for a great night's sleep. Before Ali and Kristian drift off to sleep, they try starting up the computer, it works :)

Week 6: Saturday, September 8 – (Drive from Danville, IL to Penfield, IL: 27 Miles) Penfield, IL to Tipton, IN: 130 Miles

Waking up at the Lighthouse Motel this morning is exciting. Knowing that today will be the first cycling day in almost a whole week, Ali and Kristian are motivated to get on the road. Having organized themselves, the rain starts. This rain has been building for a while, the humidity in the air the whole previous evening was really, really high, and it is relieving that it came when it did. Kristian and Ali hold off for half and hour until the rain lets off a bit. They need to drive to the last cycling point before beginning cycling again.

Getting into the car, the passenger side floor is a pond. The car leaks with all the straps that come through the car to hold on the roofrack. When the car is driving in the rain, there is a leak that turns the passenger floor into a lake. Two minutes after we finally leave, the torrential rain begins again, driving on the road, we soon realize that there is a major detour to get back to our dropping off place, so we go along this detour. It is around this time, hardly able to see out the windows due to rain, Kristian driving and Ali wading in the passenger seat (pond), that Kristian starts telling something new to Ali. From this experience, a big lesson is learnt. When there are too many things going 0n at one time, teaching new ideas does not work very well.

Eventually, Kristian and Ali make it to Penfield, IL. Kristian drives up to the next stop-off point right after the Indiana border. However, it seems that leaving Illinois is not as easy as we initially think it should be. Detours on the Indiana border prevent both of us, Kristian when driving and Ali when cycling to figure out where the right turn is to be on our route.

After Ali cycling an extra 30 miles, he eventually finds the car that Kristian has left off, who himself got lost, but eventually found the correct parking place. The rain doesn't help when figuring out visibility and directions from the road, especially when driving because the water drops prevent the driver from seeing out any of the side windows of the car. The sponsors logos are wrapped all around the car, and the wrapping has thousands of little holes that allow the driver to see out, except when it rains because the small holes get with water drops.

Eventually, after a long day in the rain, Kristian and Ali roll into Tipton, IN and find the Flamingo Motel, a nice, inexpensive motel whose owner comes from Toronto, Ontario (Canada)! Hearing that there is the world famous, Tipton County Pork Festival was in town, we went directly to the event, only to find out it had ended, and most people left early due to rain. Picking up some food from the local grocery store, and pizza place, we headed back to the Flamingo Motel for a good night's rest.

Week 6: Friday, September 7 – (Drive from Lebanon, IN to Indianapolis, IN: 30 Miles and Drive from Indianapolis, IN to Danville, IL: 91 Miles) Indiana

Today begins with leaving Lebanon, Indiana’s Motel 8 early. It is an exciting day. Ali and Kristian are going to see three things that they are really passionate about: Sue Morter’s Morter HealthCenter, the Indianapolis 500 Speedway, and we have a presentation at an Indianapolis Boys and Girls Club.

We drive into Carmel, a suburb of Indianapolis, and find Morter HealthCenter.

Unfortunately, Dr. Sue Morter has left for a couple of weeks on a public speaking tour, but Dr. Scott Cooper is there to answer all our questions, and by letting Ali and Kristian shadow him, we could see the Morter System in motion.

The special thing about the Morter HealthCenter is that the technique they use to get people better there. The Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) is a physical yet non-forceful, energy-balancing procedure used by the hands to reestablish the full healing potential of the body using its natural healing abilities. B.E.S.T. removes the interference and/or distractions that are demanding the attention of the healing power; thereby causing the imbalance in the autonomic nervous system and ultimately leading to disease. Researched at major universities, taught as an elective in many chiropractic colleges and in professional continuing education seminars, B.E.S.T. is recognized by the industry as an effective healing science.

After shadowing Dr. Cooper, he directed us to a local complex with restaurants and bookstores After eating a big pancake breakfast, Ali and Kristian rolled out of the restaurant, walked down the shopping mall complex, and perused the local bookstore. This bookstore is full of amazing books, cds and DVDs on the different aspects of living a wellness based lifestyle.

Losing time in the bookstore, Ali and Kristian head down to the Indianapolis 500 Speedway, hoping to see the fast cars that are part of the races. Ali is especially excited to see these powerful automobiles because of his love of fast cars. Ali loves fast, nice cars so much that when he was going to chiropractic college in Toronto, he worked as a Valet for upscale events. This experience gave him opportunity to drive a whole assortment of fast cars: Porsche, Lambos, Ferraris, etc…

We take a tour around the Speedway which is pretty impressive by itself. The stands around the outside of the track holds over 300,000 people. When the inside of the track is full of people as well, over 500,000 people at the Indy 500 event. This is undisputed, the largest sporting event in the world. The revenue generated from this event is equivalent to holding 3 Superbowls.

Walking through the Museum, Ali and Kristian find Jacque Villenuvue’s 1995 Indy 500 winning car, and take a bunch of pictures of it. Jacque is the only Canadian to have ever one either the Indy 500 and the F1 championships.

Leaving the Indy 500 Speedway, we drive to the Boys and Girls Club event.

The kids are really excited to see us, and we give a fantastic presentation. Thanks to all the great skills that we’ve learnt at SuperCamp to keep the kids focused, it is invaluable.

After the talk, we all get into a circle and dance for 15 minutes. These kids could dance. Having so much fun, it is really hard to leave, but we have cycling responsibilities back in Illinois that have to be attended to.

We drive back to Danville, and find an inexpensive motel. A non-air conditioned, humid/warm room that Ali and Kristian started to sing about the heat in the room to.